Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering is the final step in making a recording sound polished. A properly mastered recording will smooth out sonic irregularities, improve presence, and maximize volume consistently across an album. Often subtle EQ can clean up a muddy low end, add a sparkle, or to reduce piercing highs. Other tools such as compression and tube harmonics help to create that sonic “glue” to create a cohesive record. Mastering can also includes spectral editing, stereo field adjustment, and subtle noise reduction.

At Spleenless Mastering we bring a unique hands-on approach to mastering that fosters an increased dialogue with the artists. Our process takes longer then most but this is important to allow us, both myself and the artist, to make the best sounding record we can.

We have some of the best sounding digital & analog mastering tools and together with hard work and one-on-one communication with the artist we can fully realize their concept and potential of the record. This takes patients and time but in the end both the artist and myself are psyched with the finished record. That’s why we’re in this business, right?

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We are approachable. Please contact us with any questions, even if their not mastering related. Thanks!


My approach to client feedback is different in the fact that often, they don’t sit in on the session but instead get several reference versions to provide feedback. Everyone knows their own monitoring system best, be it a professional system or a car stereo. My approach is designed to offer musicians and bands the time and the listening environment that they are most comfortable with in order to make final sonic and layout decisions. Attended sessions are also popular and in this situation I offer 1 hour of changes free after the session to achieve a similar effect.