Rates etc…

Brooklyn based Audio Cd Mastering, Post Production, and RestorationI charge $85 per hour for attended mastering projects and $75 for un-attended sessions. Albums are priced slightly lower for unattended session so email me for a specific quote. Un-attended projects take about a week to complete but allow more time for revisions and feedback. Attended sessions are of course welcomed as well. Both include a free hour of changes after the session.


Mastering Rates Mastering

  • Album – Email me for a quote, full album rates start at $425 +
  • CD Production Master – $45 (people general choose this or the Digital Production Master package)
  • Digital Production Master – Includes Apples MFiT, 24bit masters, 16bit masters, and a DDP – $45
  • Both Master CD and DigiMasters – $65
  • First hour of revisions is free.
  • Masters are delivered in WAV format, MFit.  Additional formats are available upon request at no charge; MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIF, etc.
  • Shipping within the USA is free.  Additional fees apply for rush shipping, international shipping and shipment to multiple locations.
  • For questions about pricing for albums please contact me. Feel free to hit us up with any questions even if they’re not mastering related. Thanks!