Spleenless Mastering is in Brooklyn, New York. After several years of running Spleenless Mastering in Portland Oregon and recording at Larry Crane’s, Jackpot! Recording Studio, Jon Cohrs moved to New York City to reopen Spleenless Mastering in Brooklyn, where it has gained a reputation for quality, affordability, and most importantly in fostering an interactive relationship with the artists.

In 2002, following the accidental loss of his spleen, Jon founded Spleenless Mastering. In the four years following, he split his time between Larry Crane’s Jackpot! studio and his own mastering company.

Jon Cohrs often works with bands and visual artists, such as Tin Hat, Tara Jane O’Neil, Cory Arcangel, Laurie Anderson, Horsefeathers, and Japanese performance artist Ujino Montenero, who are pursuing a specific concept in which there is a creative dialogue with the engineer. In addition, several of his recordings can be heard in the satirical comedy, “Thank You For Smoking”.

Jon is also a visual artist whose works can be found here. He also plays in several collaborative projects involving electronics and softer organic sounds such as his latest project, Rabbitsss with Australian composer Rae Howell .